Sat15 June17:00Opening session
Sat15 June18:00Round 1
Sun16 June17:00Round 2
Mon17 June17:00Round 3
Tue18 June17:00Round 4
Wed19 June17:00Round 5
Thu20 June17:00Round 6
Fri21 June17:00Round 7
Sat22 June17:00Round 8
Sun23 June09:30Round 9
Sun23 June14:00Closing session

Tournament Setup

Swiss tournament, 9 rounds, 90 minutes + 30 seconds for every move. 
The tournament will be registered with FIDE for ELO rating.
The tournament is open to players with an ELO rating lower than 2300 on the day of registration to the organizer.

Entry Fee

Participation fee is 40 euros for all players.

Game sets are provided by the organizer and chess clocks at first 20 boards. Player with white pieces should ensure digital chess clock. There will be chess clocks for renting (2 euros).

Prize Money

  1. 1500 euro
  2. 1200 euro
  3. 1000 euro
  4. 750 euro
  5. 500 euro
  6. 400 euro
  7. 250 euro
  8. 200 euro
  9. 100 euro
  10. 100 euro

Best female participants: 300,150,50 euro
Best ELO < 2100: 300,150,50 euro
Best juniors(<18): 300,150,50 euro
Best veterans(>60): 300,150,50 euro


For the participants without their own transportation, there will be taxi transport from Nečujam to the playing venue in Grohote and back.
Price for all 9 days: 30 euros

Playing Venue

House of Commons
Šolta island


The are many appartments for rent on Šolta, but very few hotels. A good place to look for accommodation is

Recommended places to stay are Nečujam and Rogač. Both have a beach and are relatively close to the playing venue. Transportation from Nečujam to the Hall of Commons will be offered for a small compensation.


Several airlines can take you to Split directly (e.g. Easyjet from Amsterdam, Transavia from Rotterdam). From there you can take the bus to the main bus station, that is close to the ferry port. There you take the ferry to Šolta (Rogač), see time tables.

Touristic Information

For touristic information, please visit the excellent website Visit Šolta.


For questions or registration, please contact
Mateo Ivić , call +385 (0)91 6400 589, email or use the contact form.